By B. Case, Amazon Vine Voice, Top 500 Reviewer, February 17, 2014
A Delightful Satire Full of Black Humor- 5 Stars
“Tea Cups and Tiger Claws,” by Timothy Patrick, is a dark satire and morality story on the theme of revenge. It’s written very cleverly along the lines of a fractured adult fairy story. It is delightfully complex and crosses two generations and sixty years before the perverted revenge-plot comes to its ultimate fulfilling conclusion, an ending that leaves the reader with a brilliant coup-de-grâce moral message.

I thoroughly enjoyed the elaborate and convoluted plot. I took delight in the (mostly evil) characters and the bigger-than-life dimensions of their personalities and actions. But most of all, I enjoyed the black humor as well as the frequent searing passages of dazzling satirical prose. At its heart, this is a novel darkly critical of the growing worldwide divide between the rich and the poor, a divide that the author believes leads to envy, hatred, and moral corruption. The author is deeply sardonic; his prose is savvy and smart. It is clear he believes that justice and morality are difficult to foster in a world with a huge divide between the rich and the poor.

If you love social satire delivered with a large dose of brilliant black humor and you are concerned about the current growing divide between the rich and the poor, you’ll probably love this amusing twisted tale. I did and I recommend it highly.

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