By Alan Roberton, Amazon UK Vine Voice, Top 1000 Reviewer, February 2, 2014
A Tale of Triplets Separate at Birth- 5 Stars
Tea Cups & Tiger Claws by Timothy Patrick is a well written book which covers the period from 1916 to the 1970's. It tells the story of triplets from birth and how the lives of the girls evolve from the beginning when two of them are adopted by the foremost family in the town and the other through parental greed is left to a life of early poverty with alcoholic parents.

It describes the different lives they lead, the connections they make and the ends that the down trodden triplet will go to not only to succeed but to come out on top and show all her critics that she is as good as her sisters.

The story covers two generations and shows that money is no guarantee of happiness and that murder cannot solve the problems of poverty. it gives an insight to the society of the period and the prejudices surrounding wealth and poverty.

The book is enjoyable and well written and I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys social history or even a good murder mystery.
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